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Fit3D 360 Body Scanner.

For any and all fitness goals, there are certain tools and technology available that have been previously unheard of. The Fit3D Proscanner is one of these. With incredibly accurate and consistent imaging, this non-invasive, near-infrared 360˚ 3D body scanner will produce precise body measurements in under a minute.

The entire process begins by stepping onto our 3D body scanning platform, grabbing onto the handles, and standing as still as you can for about 40 seconds. The platform will rotate as the sensor moves up and down, scanning every inch of your body to get the most accurate results. In less than a minute, the Fit3D Proscanner will extract more than 400 measurements including circumferences, heights, lengths, widths, volumes, and surface areas from your entire body.

The most important of these measurements are mapped onto a 3D image and can be used in wellness assessments to show progress and analyse what needs improvement. A comprehensive report is emailed to you within 5 to 10 minutes of scan completion.

The Fit3D Proscanner is a fantastic tool available in this day and age that will show entirely consistent and completely accurate progress. Staying healthy is imperative, so having a scan that helps fast track you on your road to well-being is something worth considering. Being able to compare scans over time in a secure, online dashboard as well as being able to track detailed summaries of your fitness progress is extremely beneficial and efficient. Our 3D scan is so advanced that there is only half an inch of variance between scans. With the insight and benefits of the fit 3D scanner, there’s little doubt that this technology is the next generation of fitness.

Why A Fit3D Scan?

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Body composition breakdown with comparisons over time
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Posture and balance analysis
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3D avatar and report
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Full body anthropical measurements


In order to complete your scan, you will need to know your height in centimetres. For best results, we also recommend that you; Scan first thing in the morning and ensure you have not eaten or drunk for at least 2 hours prior.
You will be required to get into your underwear for the scan. This enables you to get an accurate reading on all of your measurements. You will complete the scan alone in our private room and our staff member will wait outside the door.
A body scan only takes 5 minutes.
If there is an issue with your scan, don't stress! We can easily put you on there again.