Kirily Wildrick


Joshua Santhou

Operations Manager

Georgia Whittley

Reception/Gym Instructor

Ruby Camps

Gym Instructor

Ryan Claut


Tabitha Best


Willow Best

Creche/ Reception

Rory Boyden


Suzanne Goodman


Hayley Davidson


Nick Raymond

Personal Trainer

About us.

The Concept’s total fitness initiative encompasses professional staff, teachers, coaches, counsellors, career advisers, health professionals and sporting ambassadors.  

Our aim is to use all of our resources to provide mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness.  

Through this structured framework The Concept provide the vital support needed while growing our youth skills that empower individuals to leverage their strengths and in turn help navigate set-backs and failures to build resilience. 

This helps them develop the courage to keep moving forward, and will enable them to push past self-imposed limits by learning from failures and growing beyond them in a safe and secure environment. 

We want all members of our community to feel valued and appreciated! The Concept’s culture is so strong and a sense of belonging to this environment is so important, not only to the authentic relationships and values we’ve built, but those we aim to keep building going forward.

Our Mission

1. To deliver a philanthropic outcome that delivers a self-perpetuating result through a robust governance that saves our community financially in service costs and infrastructure upkeep. Contribute to a more respectful community by embracing our youth and guiding them in addressing related issues.

2. Provide an opportunity for the local community to come together and participate in physical activity and community events that build on the social fabric of connection and involvement.

3. Ensure our community is engaged with each other as well as having access to the very best resources no matter their circumstances.

Our Mission

4. Ensure our members are supported and empowered to become the best version of themselves possible in a safe and supportive environment.

5. Build local capacity; ensure that we leave a legacy through The Concept initiative that grows into other communities through this pilot demonstrating what is possible. Consider all elements collaboratively from planning to delivery of programmes and events through consultation with other like-minded community service providers, schools, sports associations, youth groups and academies.

6. To build further opportunities. i.e. work experience, traineeships, skills training and personal development.