What we offer.

There are several reasons why we believe our facility can be exceptionally beneficial to your athletes. 

Our facility can:

  • Give your athletes access to world class facilities so that they can train like professionals.
  • Profile your athletes to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to customize a training program to develop and improve where necessary.
  • Scan and provide a complete breakdown of their body composition including but not limited to bodyfat percentage, posture analysis, anthropical measurements and balance report.
  • Test your athletes throughout different stages of the year to ensure they are on track to hit their peak and the training is achieving the desired outcome.
  • Help your athletes recover with some of the most up to date recovery facilities available. These include ice baths, hyperbaric chamber, spas, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Provide structured, periodised, strength and conditioning programs to have your athletes in the most well rounded, best, physical condition of their life.
  • Provide your club with strength and conditioning coaches who are experts in their respective fields to teach and educate athletes so that the desired result is achieved from every session.
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We could not recommend The Concept more highly for team strength and Conditioning. In our first year of using The Concept for all of our pre and in season strength and recovery work, we finished as club champions.

Broadmeadow Magic

The Concept is now our first choice when it comes to recovery sessions and a lot of our players use the facility in their spare time to compliment what they are doing on the park.

Newcastle Jets

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