About Lisa Tynan

My 30+ years of physiotherapy experience is primarily in sport and dance, the most notable contracts including:

  • The Newcastle Knights Rugby League Club, for their first 15 years (and two grand final wins!)
  • Newcastle Breakers/United/Jets
  • Several local rugby league, rugby union, AFL and soccer clubs.
  • Tessa Maunder Ballet School.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

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Posture and core training
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Injury prevention
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Injury diagnosis and management
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Sports-specific training programs
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Women’s health
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Shoulder injury correction;
Rotator cuff, bursitis, impingements
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Eliminate back pain
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Rehabilitation of lower limb injuries


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Is a safe, drug-free therapy that can be used regularly without any danger of oxygen toxicity. Thousands of people have had dramatic and in many instances life changing improvements in their conditions as a result of using mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Proponents for hyperbaric therapy include numerous doctors, health care providers and individuals for whom this therapy has been beneficial.

No dangerous side effects have been reported with mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, however, some individuals can experience a few minor contraindications such as slight fatigue as the body detoxifies (this is safe and necessary). A person can also experience a mild discomfort to the ears when pressurizing.

This depends on the state of an injury or the time a disease has been present. There are benefits to be had from every session where exposure to higher than normal levels of oxygen takes place. When in the chamber your oxygen levels are boosted by up to 400% which acts as a sanitizer in helping to rid the body of bacteria and viruses.