Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Improves mobility
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Improves flexibility
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Enhances sport performance
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Speeds up recovery
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Reduce chronic and acute pain
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Promotes relaxation
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Improves sleeping patterns


Yes you can. All invoices are sent via email to make online claims easy.

Yes I do. I accept card payment via a PayPal card reader, it works with visa or MasterCard but there is a 2% surcharge.

Appointments can be booked out weeks in advance but if you would like to enquire about going on a cancelation list please text or call me on 0424999049. I can generally respond quicker to text messages between appointments. So for a quicker reply just text your name and the times you are available for appointments and I will do what I can to find you an appointment.

Yes, just select First time appointment and your desired appointment time I allow extra time for your first appointment.

In my practice I use silicon cups. I incorporate them into my treatments as a massage tool. They are applied in a variety of techniques: static, gliding and static with mobility movements to the desired joint or muscle. The benefits of cupping give the treatment an added dimension by creating elevation, this allows increase of blood supply to the effected muscle and increase fascial release resulting in improved mobility and reducing muscle pain.

The intensity or darkness of a cupping mark is determined on how tight or restricted the muscle/s are and how long you have had the condition / injury. The longer it has been there the darker the marks can be.
If you have faint cupping marks they generally clear in 2-3 days the darker they are, the longer they can last. This could be up to a week but they will always fade. THEY DON’T HURT.

Dry Needling is the use of acupuncture needles used to deactivate or diminish trigger points. It is a very useful technique in reducing muscle pain, referred pain and aiding recovery in soft tissue injuries. Dry Needling and acupuncture are two very different treatments. Dry Needling does use acupuncture needles but that is all they have in common. Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine focused on meridian and used to treat all kinds of medical conditions. 
Dry Needling is purely related to soft tissue work and trigger points.

No, you can have what ever type of treatment you would like. I offer these techniques because combined, I feel I can accomplish more during a treatment and improve results. But it is all relevant to what you wanted treated and what you are comfortable with. All appointments are tailored to you as an individual.

Yes it is perfectly safe providing you see a therapist that has expended training specialising in pregnancy massage. There are certain do’s and don’ts in pregnancy massage and it good to have a therapist you can be confident in. If in doubt alway ask the therapist or business before you book. Pregnancy massage has so many amazing benefits helping with nausea, sleep and all the aches and pains from your changing body.  

Yes you can have a massage at any stage of your pregnancy even if you are past your due date. The only reason for possible stopping you from having a massage during pregnancy is if you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy. If this is the case please call before booking to discuss your pregnancy we may need a clearance from your health care worker before we can proceed with a treatment.

NO sorry these are contraindicated while pregnant but after pregnancy you are safe to continue these treatments.

Not after the first trimester, it is safer and more effective to be treated on your side. I use a specific pillow system to make sure you and baby are well supported and comfortable. Also being treated in this position it allow more access to those problem areas giving better results.